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Publications - years 2003 to 2005


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  • Andreas Kriegl, Mark Losik, Peter W. Michor, Armin Rainer, Lifting smooth curves over invariants for representations of compact Lie groups. II, arXiv:math/0402222

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  • L. Samaj, Z. Bajnok, Exactly solvable model of the 2D electrical double layer, MIS0030-onepoint.pdf

  • Lionel Mason, Global anti-self-dual Yang-Mills fields in split signature and their scattering, math-ph/0505039, to appear in Crelle's journal, MIS0127

  • Lionel Mason, Twistor actions for non-self-dual fields: a new foundation for twistor-string theory, hep-th/0507269, Published in JHEP 0510 (2005) 043530, MIS0126

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  • Maciej Dunajski, George Sparling, A dispersionless integrable system associated to Diff$(S^1)$ gauge theory, MIS0008-DS05.pdf

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  • Peter Elbau and Giovanni Felder, Density of eigenvalues of random normal matrices, MIS0005-RandomNormalMatrices.pdf

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  • Spyridon Kamvissis, Evguenii Rakhmanov, Existence and Regularity for an Energy Maximization Problem in Two Dimensions, MIS0012-energymax.ps

  • Spyridon Kamvissis, On Nonlinear Steepest Descent, MIS0011-stmpi.ps

  • T. Claeys, A.B.J. Kuijlaars, and M. Vanlessen, Multi-critical unitary random matrix ensembles and the general Painleve II equation, MIS0017-multi-critical.pdf

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  • Tom Claeys and Arno B.J. Kuijlaars, Universality of the double scaling limit in random matrix models, MIS0004-Claeys-Kuijlaars.pdf


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