RHPIA 2005  

RHPIA 2005
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ESF Research programme MISGAM
and Marie Curie FP6 RTN ENIGMA

Conference on Riemann-Hilbert Problems, Integrability and Asymptotics

    SISSA - TRIESTE, SEPTEMBER 20-25, 2005

A Conference on Riemann-Hilbert Problems, Integrability and Asymptotics is being organized at SISSA within the activities of the Marie Curie FP6 RTN ENIGMA (European Network In Geometry, Mathematical Physics and Applications), the ESF Research Programme MISGAM (Methods of Integrable Systems in Geometry and Applied Mathematics), in collaboration with the Italian MIUR 2004 research project Geometrical Methods in the Theory of Nonlinear Waves and Applications, run by the SISSA Mathematical Physics Sector.

Riemann Hilbert problems and asymptotic expansions lie at the crossroads of the three main research areas of the ENIGMA network and of the MISGAM project: Geometry, Integrable Systems, and Applications. The aim of the Trieste Conference is to establish the state of the art in this interdisciplinary, historically deeply rooted but still extremely lively subject, as well as point out new directions of research.

Participants: J. Arnlind (Stokholm), O. Babelon (Paris), A. Bobenko (Berlin), G. Carlet (Cambridge), A. Cattaneo (Zürich), Y. Chen (London), T. Claeys (Leuwen), D. Crowdy (London), E. Daems (Leuwen), M. Duits (Leuwen), M. Dunajski (Cambridge), P. Elbau (Zürich), Y. Fedorov (Barcelona), E. Ferapontov (Loughborough), T. Fokas (Cambridge), P. Garcia-Estevez (Salamanca), J. Gibbons (IC, London), M. Hallnas (Stocholm), C. Hertling (Mannheim), I. Hitzazis (Patra), A. Hone (Kent), J. Hoppe (Stockolm), T. Ikeda (Okayama), S. Kamvissis (Greece), V. Kazakov (Paris), G. Khimshiashvili (Tbilisi), C. Klein (Leipzig). B. Konopelchenko (Lecce), A. Kuijlaars (Leuwen), R. Ivanov (Dublin), P. Lorenzoni (Milano), E. Loubet (Zurich), M. Manas (Madrid), J. Marshall (London), L. Martinez-Alonso (Madrid), L. Mason (Oxford), M. Mazzocco (Manchester), P. van Moerbeke (Louvain), Y. Morita (Kiryu), A. Moro (Lecce), F. Musso (Roma), S.P. Novikov (Maryland), V. Novokshenov (Ufa), A. Panasyuk (Warsaw), J. Prada (Salamanca), O. Ragnisco (Roma), M. Saito (Kobe), L. Samaj (Bratislava), P. Santini (Rome), V. Shramchenko (Bonn), F. Smirnov (Paris), V. Spiridonov (Dubna), I. Strachan (Glasgow), Y. Suris (Munich), K. Takasaki (Kyoto), K. Takemura (Yokohama), K. Toda (Toyama), C. Tracy (Davis), M. Vanlessen (Leuwen), A. Veselov (Loughborough), S. West (Cambridge), J-B. Zuber (Paris).

Organizing Committee: S. Abenda, B. Dubrovin, G. Falqui, T. Grava.

Sponsors: ESF programme MISGAM, European RTN network ENIGMA, SISSA - Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati and Italian MIUR Research Project "Geometrical Methods in the theory of Nonlinear Waves and Applications".

Registration and Financial Support: Please register for the conference with the online registration form. Limited partial financial support is available. Priority will be given to young researchers working in Europe. Deadline for application for financial support: 5th of June 2005.

The day of arrival will be September 19th (Monday), and the day of departure September 25th (Sunday). The working days of the Workshop are September 20th through 24th.


Suggestions and tech support: misgam at sissa.it.